• ang HT5 - ht houseboats - domki na wodzie

    HT5 SWIM

    floating house

    pływające domki do wynajęcia nad morzem, na jeziorze Jamno


    Houseboat Swim is a yacht with a total area of 14m2, adapted for inland waterway. Inside, the advantage of natural wood and glass. The compact houseboat will meet the expectations of every adventurer and peace admirer.


    Houseboat Swim is an excellent option for clients who expect basic comfort while relaxing in the bosom of nature. The terrace with an area of 6 m2 will be an ideal place for fishing equipment or sunbathing.
    domek na wodzie z kominkiem i motorówką ht5


    • 6.85
    • 3.65
    • 2
    • 0.54
    • ferrocement
    • D
    • 13
    • 3

    Rooms [m 2 ]

      • 7.7
      • 2.4
      • 1.7
      • 6.1
      • 3.5
      • 21.8

    HT Houseboats
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    • ice-resistant, unsinkable
    • walls 10 cm, roof 15-20 cm
    • Galvanized and painted steel sheet + Scandinavian spruce wood
    • walls, ceiling, Scandinavian spruce floor, mirrors, wall mural, furniture board
    • covered with roof membrane (Sika)
    • Drutex PVC, internal door CDF, tempered glass
    • buildings, sink and battery, LED lighting above the counter
    • home toilet, ceramic basin, LED lighting
    • front 9 m2 and rear 6.75 m2
    • rain shower, LED lighting
    • front 9 m2 and rear 6.75 m2
    • LED lighting and bedside lamps
    • Location to install the engine control system
    • 230 V (10 230 V sockets)
    • boiler 60 – 120 L
    • Winter and summer water connection
    • Faeces tank with 4000 L standard pump
    • Safety rope on the front and rear terrace (terrace railings)
    • Roof technical ladder
    • Small ladder lowered into the water on the front terrace
    • Mooring poles


    • It is possible to send a full list of additional equipment along with a price list.