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    Floating house,

    we'll build it for you!

    Individual project

    Your dream home on water will be individually tailored. On special order we modify standard designs. Rooms arrangement, number of windows or additional equipment - all changes are considered by our design team.

    Solid foundation

    The structure of the house is based on wooden framings, which are permanently connected with a floating bridge. The system is exposed to neither rocking nor tilting. The sheathing is made of galvanized coating pieces, additionally covered with strips of Scandinavian spruce or Siberian larch.

    Independent heating

    Houses are heated by electric heaters, heat pump air conditioners, floor heating systems or wood burning fireplaces. Electric water heaters, both tank and continuous flow types, are used in our houses. There is an option to install solar panels.

    High-grade security

    Our constructions are very stable. They are totally unsinkable and are ice resistant. Float operation cycle is several decades without conservation.

    Full electricity

    The house is powered by 230V from the firm ground or from the generator on the board. On the board can be installed alternative sources, such as solar cells and wind turbines.

    Full service

    HT Houseboats provides full service within the 2-year manufacturer's warranty. We give a 2 year guarantee to the pontoon.


    HT Houseboats has been on the market since 2005. They specialize in all-year house boats operating on concrete or ferrocement. There is a possibility to build units on lightweight aluminum or polyethylene floats. 

    Our floating units give you the possibility of moving or stationary staying in the immediate vicinity of the aquatic environment. Cottages are great as an office or an object for rent. The units are already fully equipped and ready for habitation.


    The client has at his disposal two types of floats:


    domki na wodzie wynajem


    up to 3 people



    up to 4 people



    up to 4 people


    SAIL HT4

    up to 6 people

    35 m2

    SWIM HT5

    up to 2 people


    SKY HT6

    up to 8 people

    40 m2

    HOME HT7

    up to 8 people

    132 m2

    NEMO HT8

    up to 2 people

    15 m2


    up to 3 people

    18 m2

    SPACE HT10

    up to 4 people

    28 m2