ang SPA - ht houseboats - domki na wodzie
ang SPA - ht houseboats - domki na wodzie

Every visit to a floating sauna on the water will positively affect the human body and the appearance of the skin, and massages performed in a cottage with a view of the lake will ensure relaxation and improvement of well-being.

The massage is performed in the guest house. Depending on the intensity, it can be classical, relaxing or stimulating. It soothes muscle tension, has analgesic effect, relaxes, accelerates muscle regeneration, improves their firmness and elasticity.

Back massage with warm towels in conjunction with herbal cream, actively relaxes tense and sore muscles.

After a very relaxing back massage, which effectively removes muscle tension in the cervical and dorsal areas, a head massage is used to alleviate physical and mental stress. Recommended for men.

The massage combines the healing power of touch with the therapeutic properties of natural essential oils. It cleanses the body, eliminates stress and tension.

Therapeutic massage of the body recommended for people with pain. It is performed using special techniques that the therapist uses using forearms and elbows. By slowly loosening, it restores proper mobility in an effective and pleasant way. It releases toxins and restores optimal blood flow.prawidłową ruchomość w sposób efektywny i przyjemny. Uwalnia toksyny oraz przywraca optymalny przepływ krwi.

The massage is performed in the guest house. Hot stone massage is a combination of traditional massage techniques using hot stones. It restores balance, relaxes muscles, stimulates circulation and metabolism. It gives the effect of amazing relaxation and relaxation. This deeply relaxing treatment is recommended for stressed, overworked people with increased muscle tension.

This is an oriental, deeply energizing massage using coconut oil and bamboo sticks. Massage, perfectly supports modeling and firming the skin of the body.

The massage is performed in the guest house. Honey massage is a cleansing procedure. Supports cleansing of the skin by removing keratinized epidermis, accelerating metabolism, accelerating the circulation of the lymph and blood, strengthens blood vessels, removes toxins, improves skin elasticity.

The massage is performed in the guest house. Performed with warm candle oil deeply relaxes, soothes the senses, while leaving your skin moisturized, soft and silky smooth.

  • dressing-gown,
  • cleansing drinks and cold snacks,
  • special honey cream for the sauna.